When Tara and Chris found out they were expecting, they affectionately referred to the baby as “baby mighty” through the pregnancy. They knew, before they even met this little stranger, that mighty things would happen to their lives because of him.

I don’t know if we realize how mighty we are when we parent small children. We peek inside dirty diapers, sniff them like dogs, and clean up messes. We sacrifice sleep, long showers, and free time to give our whole selves to a new life. We step on small objects and share many moments involving hair and skin and scent that no one else can ever fully understand. Our millions of little secrets combined with four walls, commitment to one another and proximity, make us a family. The inside jokes, favorite books, little games and rituals, messy hair mornings, and necessary coffee to get oneself through the day are all a sign of something bigger – we are engaging in the most tiresome, most sacrificial, and most holy task I believe a person will ever give their life to.. loving another person with our whole hearts.

Houses change. Kids grow up. Love is the one thing that is meant to deepen and remain. If we fight for it, if we give ourselves wholeheartedly to it, the reward is like no other.. a family to belong to.

When I was asked to come and stay with Chris, Tara, and Lachlan and to tell their family story in the first home they made as a family and they will soon be leaving for another, I knew it would be special. Working on these photos and clips I just kept thinking about their family name, how all I wanted to call them was “the Mighty family”. Lachlan turned out to not just be a mighty little baby boy, but they have turned out to have a mightier love and are more beautiful humans because of him.

To you three.. I have already told you how much I love you, but I plan to continue doing so as long as I am able. We are always some of your biggest fans, completely on your side. And the work you are doing together to love one another and Lachlan well is breathtaking and truly mighty.

don’t give up.

all my love,


first, the morning in motion..


and some of my favorite images from our time together..

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