We’ve known Abbey for several years.  She attended the DON’T GIVE UP project that we hosted in Colorado.  A couple of months ago, she came into Kansas City with a friend and asked to stay with us.  We happily obliged.  As we caught up that night, she told us about a new big-deal happening in her life.  Kevin!  Abbey had fallen in love with a great guy.  This was amazing news.  She was getting married and they were buying a house.  It was planned: a big ceremony toward the end of May, a big reception following, and a dance floor – and dinner – and a cake to cut.   That was the original plan.

But plans change.  Shortly after she left, she contacted us saying her original photographer had cancelled and the wedding plans had dissipated.  There was a new plan.  An elopement with just their closest family members attending.  And it was happening in a few weeks.

It was so special.  It dawned on me as their ceremony ended, their families laying hands on and praying for them: I don’t belong here. It was like treading on holy ground – a sacred space reserved for folks that had held them after skinning their knee, or watching their faces light up on Christmas morning.  It was powerful seeing them surrounded by the people who really knew them, had been there for them, and were releasing them to start their family together.  I didn’t belong, but I was invited in.  And in that moment, I saw again how powerful this job is and how much I love it.

Abbey and Kevin got married in a tiny ceremony with just their immediate family (and a couple close friends) there.  I got to witness it, document it, experience it.  And for that, I am truly grateful.

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March 25, 2016
Jeremy, you are the BEST!!!!!! These pictures are AMAZING!!! We are beyond happy that you were part of Abbey and Kevin's day. Thank you for capturing them and for telling their story as they start their journey together. That's what life is about....capturing those precious sweet moments. We couldn't have done it without you!!! You ROCK!!! Hugs, Momma GiGi
March 28, 2016
This is perfect. Colors, moments and an ooze of confidence from The Parsons!
April 8, 2016
Great photographs and nicely captured emotions of this special day.