Just over 15 years ago, I approached a young woman – age 19 – and asked her to marry me.  This after a really long courtship of 3 months.  The woman said yes.  I win, forever.


Anyways, because of a fast moving relationship, there was a *tad* bit of wariness amongst her friends about this new guy that had swept in and seemingly stolen her heart (in what must have felt like five minutes).  One of those friends was a girl named Janey.  Janey was Ashley’s best friend in high school (and, she would be our maid of honor!).  So I, in a move to put her friends’ fears at ease, went to a bagel shop with her to state my intentions.


That’s where we started.
Fast forward 15 years.  Janey has lived on both coasts, and finally moved to California to work as a nutritionist.  She had a beautiful daughter along the way.  And quite unexpectedly, in walks Brian.  Brian might be one of my favorite people on this planet and I’ve only spent just over 10 hours with him.


So this was a day that Janey married Brian and they became a new family.  Again, it is really an incredible thing to have a front row seat witnessing how two people are joining their lives together.

Meet Janey and Brian in beautiful San Diego.  Two of our favorite people.
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