Julie and David : Married in Missouri

Julie and David were married in front of 30 people on his mom's porch - the home he grew up in.  And that, friends, was ...
April 24, 2019

Emily and John : Married in Berkeley, CA

They are two of the most generous, gracious, and kind people I've ever met.  And they married each other on a beautiful ...
April 10, 2019

Margaret and Tim : Married in Kansas City

Just the best way to spend a rainy early-winter day in Kansas City.  With Margaret and Tim.  Some moments from their day ...
January 24, 2019

Crosby and Cody : Married in Weston, MO

Things I find inspiring: Crosby's relationship with her siblings. Cody's suit and hair.  (high fives) Just how ...
November 15, 2018

Chelsea and Andrew : Married in Kansas City (a short film)

November 14, 2018

What lasts? (All you witness, a new workshop)

Hello friends. It has been over 4 years since we last hosted an educational opportunity for photographers.  And w ...
November 5, 2018

Crystal and Glen : Married in Washington (a short film)

It's a charmed life.  I don't deny it.  How was this weekend real? More than the scenery.  Surrounded by people that ...
October 24, 2018

Jamie and Lawrence : Married in Maine

Guys.  I just can't even. This day.  What to say?   Part Moonrise Kingdom.  Part summer camp nostalgia.  F ...
October 11, 2018