When we first arrived in Kansas City, we were introduced to a young woman named Mary Kate.  She was a high school student and upon her graduation, we figured we would never see her again.

Then, years later, we met a guy named Craig at church.  He, an Apple “genius” and solver of many issues for us, was a man we respected for his character and humility.


Years pass, and…lo and behold: we spied Craig sitting next to a girl at church….wait…is that….Mary Kate?!?!?!


The story is fun to us and very serendipitous.  We have cared about these two at various points in their lives and in our own stories.  To see them woven together is such a gift.  And it is hard for us to explain just how we feel about the two of them: they are so very kind and gracious and generous and warm.


So it is with great joy that we share the images from their wedding with you.  We hope you love them like we do. mk-and-c-blog-0001 mk-and-c-blog-0002 mk-and-c-blog-0003 mk-and-c-blog-0004 mk-and-c-blog-0005 mk-and-c-blog-0006 mk-and-c-blog-0007 mk-and-c-blog-0008 mk-and-c-blog-0009 mk-and-c-blog-0010 mk-and-c-blog-0011 mk-and-c-blog-0012 mk-and-c-blog-0013 mk-and-c-blog-0014 mk-and-c-blog-0015 mk-and-c-blog-0016 mk-and-c-blog-0017 mk-and-c-blog-0018 mk-and-c-blog-0019 mk-and-c-blog-0020 mk-and-c-blog-0021 mk-and-c-blog-0022 mk-and-c-blog-0023 mk-and-c-blog-0024 mk-and-c-blog-0025 mk-and-c-blog-0026 mk-and-c-blog-0027 mk-and-c-blog-0028 mk-and-c-blog-0029 mk-and-c-blog-0030 mk-and-c-blog-0031 mk-and-c-blog-0032 mk-and-c-blog-0033 mk-and-c-blog-0034 mk-and-c-blog-0035 mk-and-c-blog-0036 mk-and-c-blog-0037 mk-and-c-blog-0038 mk-and-c-blog-0039 mk-and-c-blog-0040 mk-and-c-blog-0041 mk-and-c-blog-0042 mk-and-c-blog-0043 mk-and-c-blog-0044 mk-and-c-blog-0045 mk-and-c-blog-0046 mk-and-c-blog-0047 mk-and-c-blog-0048 mk-and-c-blog-0049 mk-and-c-blog-0050 mk-and-c-blog-0052 mk-and-c-blog-0053 mk-and-c-blog-0054 mk-and-c-blog-0056 mk-and-c-blog-0057 mk-and-c-blog-0058 mk-and-c-blog-0059 mk-and-c-blog-0060 mk-and-c-blog-0061 mk-and-c-blog-0062 mk-and-c-blog-0063 mk-and-c-blog-0064 mk-and-c-blog-0065 mk-and-c-blog-0066 mk-and-c-blog-0067 mk-and-c-blog-0068 mk-and-c-blog-0069 mk-and-c-blog-0070 mk-and-c-blog-0071 mk-and-c-blog-0072 mk-and-c-blog-0073 mk-and-c-blog-0074 mk-and-c-blog-0075 mk-and-c-blog-0076 mk-and-c-blog-0077 mk-and-c-blog-0078 mk-and-c-blog-0079 mk-and-c-blog-0080 mk-and-c-blog-0081 mk-and-c-blog-0082 mk-and-c-blog-0083 mk-and-c-blog-0084 mk-and-c-blog-0085 mk-and-c-blog-0086 mk-and-c-blog-0087 mk-and-c-blog-0088 mk-and-c-blog-0089 mk-and-c-blog-0090 mk-and-c-blog-0091 mk-and-c-blog-0092 mk-and-c-blog-0093 mk-and-c-blog-0094 mk-and-c-blog-0095

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