This is the final wedding (in photographs) from a 2017 that has been so very sweet. And what a way to end this year’s events!

Jake swears that he fell for Megan when he was five years old. She was his “Wendy Peppercorn”, his friend’s older sister (she was 7 at the time). But life’s stories aren’t always as linear as we might think that they are.

So we fast forward a couple decades. Both have gone their own ways, into college, and out again; and into careers. Both have a child.

And then a surprise reconnection. Dating. Commitment. Seeing their family grow as a result. And doing all of this while living four hours apart via highway. Let that sink in for a second. Four hours apart while parenting two kids, planning a wedding, and growing through engagement. It hurts my head to think about that logistically!

So I’m amazed by these two and how love for them is very much not just a warm fuzzy feeling. It has meant commitment, work, sacrifice, long hours on the road/phone/facetime. And because of that, I’m excited to share these two with you: Megan, Jake, as well as their beautiful children and a sliver of the moments that happened on the day that they became a family of four.  It felt, once again, like I was on sacred ground in many of these moments, what an amazing honor.  Oh, and there were tears, friends.  So many.

Shot at one of the most beautiful venues in the country: the Weston Red Barn Farm.

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