At the convergence of the Missouri and Kansas rivers, there is a park in Kansas City called Kaw Point.  Apparently, Lewis and Clark went through there at one time.  It turns out, she’s from Missouri, and he’s from Kansas.  Symbolism!

On this late summer day, this was the setting for these two dear souls to marry each other.  It was warm, but shaded and breezy.  Families came together to set up the reception site.  Friends helped string lights.  The caretaker of the park even got out the authentic musket to fire a “good luck” shot as they walked down the aisle, yelling “FIRE IN THE HOLE!”  Their dog did not care for the noise, and bolted for the bushes instinctually.

It was a wonderful day, filled with community, celebration, emotion, and connection.  What a gift to be there.


So here we go.  Meet Rachel and Chris, two people whom I’m honored to call my friends.

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