Spring has arrived at the Parsons home.  The garden is tilled, the seeds are in the ground and the miracle of growth is happening even as I type this.  This month had a lot in it.  The “normal” days included sunshine in the backyard, and fun together.  And the other days?


Some of our best friends decided to buy the house next door.  (WHAT?!)

Ashley had a birthday!  She also suffered pretty consistent migraine pain throughout.

Our social media fast ended — with some pretty strong boundaries in place.  More on that later

We released a podcast episode.

We remembered Ashley’s father on the anniversary of his death – graveside – under a driving rain storm.  Go here to read more.

22 people sat around our Easter table.

Our kids had their first solo performances for band.


In each and every day, we are experiencing deep levels of grace and are so very thankful for the little slice of Missouri we call home.  Our kids are growing up – too fast – but we are still grateful each day for the wonder that is their lives.


Wherever this finds you, friend, we hope you are filled with much hope and gratitude for springtime.

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June 23, 2017
Why don't people leave comments anymore? The world has gone crazy. This post, like all of your posts, deserves a comment. So here it is. Life is beautiful - keep recording it. Hope to see you guys soon. Dave