Almost 8 years ago, these two people put rings on and took vows and cried and danced and partied.  They married each other.  We made photographs of it, and we are still grateful for that chance.


So when Kim reached out to have photographs made again, this time with their dear little Veda (this girl is ridiculous!) – at her folks’ farm  (same place where they got married) – we jumped at the chance.


Oh what a joy it is to know them and to get this glimpse into their lives.  Meet the Bowman family! kim-and-dean-blog-0001 kim-and-dean-blog-0002 kim-and-dean-blog-0003 kim-and-dean-blog-0004 kim-and-dean-blog-0005 kim-and-dean-blog-0006 kim-and-dean-blog-0007 kim-and-dean-blog-0008 kim-and-dean-blog-0009 kim-and-dean-blog-0010 kim-and-dean-blog-0011 kim-and-dean-blog-0012 kim-and-dean-blog-0013 kim-and-dean-blog-0014 kim-and-dean-blog-0015 kim-and-dean-blog-0016 kim-and-dean-blog-0017 kim-and-dean-blog-0018

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