These folks are some of the most dear to me, to us. After attending and photographing the birth of Lenora May, their second child, we all had a new kind of bond. So when Jesse and Leslie found out they were going to become a family of five they asked me to be a witness to sam coming into the world.

We all make our plans and in the moment we make them they feel so sure, so sturdy. I was supposed to be with them in the hospital, during the labor. I was supposed to make photographs and tell that story. I was even supposed to cut the cord when little sam was born. Instead I was at a children’s hospital across town laying next to our four year old, who had just had emergency brain surgery. In our own ways that night, both of our families were experiencing the joy of our children coming alive.

Even though I couldn’t be with them in their first hours as a family, I knew I wanted to be present in the first days to tell the story of this beautiful family and the joy that surrounds them now that there are five. I hope you feel it, and I hope (Leslie and Jesse) that this is a little life raft on those tired afternoons when having three kids feels a little bonkers.

with so much love,


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vicky howie
March 7, 2016
every image so full of integrity and beauty. what an amazing story teller you are - and, what an amazingly beautiful set of human beings Vicky