for a couple of years in a row, now, I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to jump on a plane to Montana, stay in the restful haven of a home of the Messengers, and a make a few photographs of them being them. These two are some of the greatest humans walking the earth, and I mean that quite literally. Artists, explorers, adventurous hikers in bear country, and lovers of each other and all good things, these two have a giant piece of my heart.. as does Montana, the wild and wonderful land whose call never quite goes out of my ears..

Here’s just a little of what I saw, and a peek into the way the light passes over them as they travel throughout their days.

(if you are a photographer and you want to know what breathtaking and honest storytelling is, click here to check out their website. If you live in Montana, you really should try to become their best friends / have them tell your story.)

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